Planus Atlântico acts as Trading, that is, is a company oriented for the export business that operates as an exterior commerce department outsourced for other companies, acting in the commercial area. The activity of the company is characterized, especially, by the acquisition of merchandises in the national market for posterior export performing the intermediation between national producers and external importers, highlighting the fact that the export requires specific knowledges such as:

  • Market Characteristics;
  • Commercial and fiscal risks;
  • Necessary procedures to contract the transportation and insurance;
  • Payment terms;
  • Available financings.

Armed with specialized knowledge, adequate structure and the needed financial support, Planus Atlântico currently facilitates product placement on outside markets, namely the Angolan market.

The operations performed by Planus Atlântico in the Trading context are mainly characterized by:

  • Export of products of different suppliers and its consolidation;
  • Better client service, due to the variety of products offered;
  • Reduction of the operational costs;
  • Possibility of performing in diverse markets;
  • Ensure the cargo inspection where quality, conditioning, quantity and merchandise price is verified;
  • Preparation of all lading and costums clearance documentation required by the competent entities;
  • Ensure the preparation of the documentation needed for the costums clearance in the place of destiny;
  • Promote the issuance of various certificates according to the merchandise requirements. For example, sanitary certificates required in many meat products.


We establish Supply General Agreements.

Our technicians vast sector knowledge allows them to direct the market and suppliers researches, identifying the best products at the best prices and conditions.

We commercialize a vast range of products of the great distribution sector, from the necessary equipments for each commercial unit to the consumer products, from which we highlight:

  • Food products predominantly of Portuguese origin;
  • Drogstore and beauty products;
  • Textile and shoe articles;
  • Possibility to act in various markets;
  • Bazar articles;
  • Diverse equipments.